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Food: Hot Jell-O® Drink

Only people with no class would think of pouring hot Jell-O® in a glass and dignifying it with the label "beverage". Come to think of it, the words "no class" describe us pretty well.


  • 1 small box Jell-O®, any flavor
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • whipped cream or fruit for garnish

Completely dissolve Jell-O® in water. Serve hot with garnish. Do not reheat.


  • Witch's brew: garnish with gummy snakes or rats
  • Faux martini: use lemon Jell-O®, garnish with a green grape, and serve in a Martini glass.
  • Faux strawberry daiquiri: use strawberry Jell-O® and garnish with strawberries.



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