Baby Shoe Gallery 2

So many people have made these shoes that we’ve had to open a second gallery! The shoes on this page and the first gallery were made with Tacky Living’s baby shoe pattern. For more information and tips, please also see the baby shoe FAQs.Have you used our pattern? We’d love to see what you did, and other readers would too! Send photos via Contact Us form.

Marcy Prochaska

Veteran shoe-maker Marcy has come up with a neat variation for summer, decorative and cooling perforations in the vamp.



“Thank you so much for your baby shoe pattern. I just finished my first pair. I am so excited to start on the next one to give as a gift. These are going to be my staple baby gift for now on. Who does not love hand made gifts. I made this pair from a old pair of leather pants. I tried using other scrap leather I bought at a leather place, but it was too thick. Your pattern has saved me a lot of money and now I have found a new passion.”

Great shoes, great reuse of materials. Way to go!


Mandi Washer

“This was my first pair ever! I think they turned out great. I found some scrap corduroy fabric and used it for the lining and the soles as well, the casing is on the inside. They also have soft blue fur on the inner soles. I’ve also found it much easier to sew a scrap of fabric to lace the elastic through, instead of the button holes, it takes 5 seconds, much easier.”

Didn’t these turn out great? No one would ever guess they’re Mandi’s first pair. She’s going to make some little toes very happy.

ProchaskaLynn S.

Marcy Prochaska

Marcy is the queen of achieving a professional-looking finish while using repurposed materials:

“I’m so pleased with these latest shoes — made with leather from a thrift store skirt on top, scraps of flannel inside, and thicker suede for the soles. I’d been using the suede to make complete shoes, and not only was it really hard to work with (especially turning right side out and not having wonky curly toes) but it just wasn’t as tidy looking as this nice thin garment leather.”

Marcy also varied the pattern a bit to simplify construction and customize the fit:

“… the soles and vamps are adjusted to be more asymmetrical, and the backs were cut taller and folded over to make the casing.”

Lynn S.Lynn S.

Nadia B.

“Here are the first 2 pairs I have made…denim with robots and a pair of black suede-cloth….”

She really did a nice job, didn’t she?


  1. ola gostaria de saber se consigo molde para costurar este sapatinho, ainda estou aprendendo e tenho um pouco de dificuldades, obrigada


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