Make Your Own Fuzzy Dice

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Travel & Leisure: Make Your Own Fuzzy Dice

Remember the good old days, cruising and listening to the radio while snuggled up to an attractive member of the opposite sex, fuzzy dice swinging to and fro from the rear view mirror? No? Neither do we – the main thing we remember is lots of acne.Perhaps this is why we felt obliged to come up with this project. Or perhaps we just have bad taste.

In any event, read on and enjoy!

Basic supplies
(See Design Variations for other ideas)
. 1/4 yard fake fur. This will be enough to make several 4″ dice. In fact, we suspect that you’ll get bored before using it up. God knows we did.
. 21 Pom poms for the dots
. Thread, needle, and/or sewing machine
. 1/2 yard ribbon, elastic, or cord per die
. Polyester fiber fill
. A basic lack of taste and anything better to do

Download and print out the pattern
It’s available in gif or eps. We’ve shrunk our pattern by 50% in each direction so it can be printed on one piece of paper. We recommend printing it out, then taking it down to a copier and enlarging it by 200%
Notice that we’ve had to tape several pieces of paper together to make our full sized pattern – that’s because we’re cheap and won’t spring for a new printer.

Pin the pattern to the fabric
Put the fabric face down (furry side down). Pin the pattern to the fabric, and cut along the outside set of lines.

Mark seam lines on the fabric
This is a lousy photo, since you can’t quite see the seam lines in our example – but they’re there, about 1/2″ in from the edge of the fabric.
Since no one is ever going to look at the inside of our die and won’t know the sins we’re committing, we’ve marked the lines with a nice soft pencil.

Pin the box together
With fuzzy side inside, begin pinning the cube together. Here you can see how the short sides have been folded inwards to form three sides of the cube.

Finish pinning
Here’s the cube after all of the sides have been pinned. The piece which is flopping loose will eventually form the lid.

Sew the sucker up
Sew the pinned sides up with 1/2″ seams.

The sewn box
Here’s what it should look like after sewing. Doesn’t the inside of that box look soft and comfy?
Cut the ribbon/hanger
Here we’ve cut a piece about 18″ long. Use your own judgment as to how long you’d like yours.
Sew in the hanger
Stuff the hanger in the box (the box should still have the fuzzy side inward) so that the two raw ends protrude from one corner as shown and the loop it forms is inside. Sew up the edge the hanger end is sticking out of and one more edge, leaving one side unsewn.
Turn & Stuff
Turn the cube fuzzy out through the side you left unsewn. The hanging loop should be protruding from one corner as shown. Stuff the box with polyester fiber fill to desired firmness. Hand whipstitch the box’s remaining edge closed.
Sew on the dots
Sew your pom pom “dots” on, using a real set of dice as a model for positioning.
Hang your fuzzy die from the handles of your lawnmower, and watch the neighbor kids stare with envy!
Design Variations:

  • Fabrics: we used fake fur. Almost anything that’s cheap is good. How about unfuzzy dice? Maybe in a loud gold lamé or a cluttered calico print?
  • Dots: try googly eyes – these will make your dice resemble one of Cookie Monster’s long lost relatives. Buttons and large rhinestones will also work. Big rhinestones look really hideous on top of gold lamé. Perfect for cruising Las Vegas!
  • Hanger: If you want bounciness, use elastic. Your color choices will probably be limited to black, white, and beige. If you don’t need the bounce, try satin ribbon (sometimes you can get spools 3/$1.00) or cord. These come in a wide variety of colors and textures.
  • Themes: You don’t have to do the same old thing – you’re paying for the materials, so why not have some fun? How about a wedding die of white lace over satin, lace hanger, and discreet rosebud dots? Or a Christmas die of red velvet with embroidered green trees for the dots?
  • Uses: Besides the obvious use in the family low rider, fuzzy dice make a great (if dust-collecting) mobile! A collection also looks grand on one’s holiday tree. One very large fuzzy die will work as a pillow or hassock, coordinating well with velvet or fake fur bedspreads.

Have fun!


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