Toe Scrubber

Toe ScrubberNot to put too fine a point on it, but I have nasty toes. I guess something about running around barefoot on limestone gravel roads and gardening in shoes which have holes in the soles does a number on one’s feet. The area between my toes needs to be exfoliated now and then, and why don’t I do you a big fat favor and NOT post photos, eh? You’re welcome.

This project was inspired by that problem and the wood-handled sisal back scrubbers which often come in bath or spa gift sets. While back scrubbers are too big to get between one’s toes, this little toe scrubber is just the right size and provides about the right amount of scrubbing power.

Like most Tacky Living projects, this one is quick, cheap and easy. It would make a thoughtful addition to Christmas stockings or a gift of bath supplies.

For each toe scrubber, you will need:

  • Sisal twine – 8 – 12″.
    If you don’t already have twine, you can find it at the hardware store. A small ball of twine shouldn’t cost more than a couple of bucks, and will provide enough materials to make so many toe scrubbers your fingers will be rubbed raw from crocheting. If it turns out that you enjoy this type of project, perhaps you can learn how to crochet with gloves on or branch out into back scrubbers.
  • Wood beads with large holes (optional)
    If the beads you choose are fairly long, like the ones in the photo at the right, peer down the holes to ensure that they’re nice and straight before you purchase the beads. Sometimes the holes make a zigzag through the bead, which makes putting twine through them rather unpleasant.
  • Instead of wood beads, one could also try other materials such as small sections of dowel, a pair of thick twigs or some big pretty buttons.
  • Crochet hook, size J or larger. (Or, heck. Why not try whatever you have on hand and see if it works?)
  • Clear nail polish (optional)

To make the toe scrubber:

As you go through these directions, remember that they’re more like suggestions than rules. I made the crocheted section of my scrubber in sort of an oval shape, but perhaps you’d like a rectangle instead. Maybe you’d like to knit or use macrame instead of crocheting. Or perhaps my instructions are impossible to understand, so you’re having to wing it based on the picture. Whatever you do, I can pretty much guarantee that the craft police will NOT be coming to your door, and the recipient will enjoy your efforts!

  1. The two beads will be used as handles. Threading twine through the beads can get tricky. Coat one end of the twine with clear nail polish and let it dry, to make it nice and firm.You can also clip the end at a slight diagonal. These measures should make it easier to thread the twine through the bead.
  2. Once one twine end has been threaded through the bead, tie a knot in it so the bead won’t fall off.
  3. Crochet the toe scrubber:
    Form sl st in the twine on the other side of the bead, about 4″ away from bead.
    Ch 9
    Sc in 2nd ch from hook, then sc in remaining ch
    Sl st in last ch 9
    You will now be back down by the bead you previously threaded on the twine. To work your way to the other end so you can feed twine through the other bead,
    Sl st in each ch on the other side of ch 9 from the stitches you previously made.
  4. Clip twine about 6″ away from end of work and coat with nail polish as in step 1. Thread through bead. Pull bead tightly against work and tie knot (or knots) in loose end close to bead. Repeat on the other end. Clip twine about 1″ away from beads.
  5. If desired, give both beads a coat of clear nail polish.


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