Top 10 Best Sunglasses For Bald Men


best sunglasses for bald men

Are you wondering the best sunglasses shape for a bald head? There are many styles and designer sunglasses, so it can be quite tricky for a bald man to decide on a specific pair or a particular style of sunglasses that will look good on them and will look good with their bald head.

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In this guide, discover the best sunglasses for bald men and what to look for when selecting a pair for yourself or loved one!

Best Sunglasses For Bald Men
Our Pick

Our top pick for the best sunglasses for bald men is a masculine, stylish, and classic look, Ray-Ban AVIATOR LARGE POLARIZED METAL sunglasses. This modern-style G-15 polarized, bi-gradient, and crystal green styles' sunglasses will make any bald head look great without overwhelming the face!

The best sunglasses for bald men are aviator military style or round-metal polarized sunglasses.

Note: For rounder face, go for angular frames and for angular face, choose round frames!

What to Look for?

perfect sunglasses for bald menBeing bald means that your facial features and face shape are accentuated, so it is essential that your sunglasses compliment both. Here are the factors you should consider when shopping for the best sunglasses for bald men.

  • Face Shape: When you are bald, it is easier to tell whether you have a diamond, heart, oblong, circular, or square face shape. Certain sunglasses fit different face shapes better than others. Round and medium size frames will give bald men with square faces a more balanced look. While angular frames are perfect for those with heart and circular face shapes. They can add a structured look to the face without overwhelming it. Men with an oblong face can wear angular and prominent frames. Large sunglasses are great for oblong shapes because they can break up the face for visual interest. Although diamond face shapes are rare, a moderate sized rectangular frame will do the trick.
  • sunglasses for round face menColor and Style: The style of your sunglasses will make a statement and stand out when you have a bald head. To ensure you choose the style of sunglasses that will flatter your skin tone. There are several styles of sunglasses available on the market, and bald men can pull off any of these styles. It all depends on what you feel the most comfortable in and your preferences.
  • Maintenance: Often, bald heads may require you to deal with more oily skin and sweat. So the best sunglasses for bald men need to be easy to clean. Choose those frames with ridges that can trap sweat and oil.

Best Sunglasses For Bald Men

Here are the top 10 best sunglasses for bald men with varying face shapes:

1. Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Metal SunglassesThe Ray Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses are the perfect sunglasses for bald men with oblong faces.

  • It covers a large area of your face as much as possible to reduce the length of your face.
  • It features bulging lenses and thin frames.
  • The G-15 nonpolarized lenses enhance vision and provide superior UV protection.
  • The Ray Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses combines great aviator styling with exceptional comfort, performance, and quality.
  • They are available in multiple lens color and frame options.
  • The elegant wireframes are durable and built to last.

2. Ray-Ban RB2180 Round Sunglasses

RAY-BAN RB2180 Round Sunglasses, Black/Green, 49 mmThe Ray-Ban RB2180 Round Sunglasses are perfect for bald men with square faces as it offers them a balanced look.

  • It features stylish tinted glasses, and a sleek flattened bridge giving you a stylish and elegant look.
  • It is available in a variety of cool colors and modern tones, so you can select the model that best suits your personal style.
  • The polarized lens helps to block out blue light and absorb 85% of visible light.
  • The lenses will provide a natural vision as they transit colors the way they are with no modifications.
  • The frames are made of lightweight and lustrous acetate that makes them durable.
  • It comes with a protective carrying case and a cleaning cloth.

3. Ray-Ban RB3548N Hexagonal Sunglasses

RAY-BAN RB3548N Hexagonal Flat Lenses Sunglasses, Gold/Polarized Crystal Brown, 54 mmThe Ray Ban RB3548N Hexagonal Sunglasses combines glass lenses with super thin metals for a standout look.

  • The frames are made of high tensile metal for everyday performance and outstanding good looks.
  • It features an ergonomically designed temple and adjustable nose pads for a superior fit.
  • The polarized lenses help to block the wavelengths of light that can cause glare.
  • They also allow for a depth of vision and greatly enhance control.
  • They are ideal for those situations where glare reduction is needed, like playing sports or driving.

4. Armani Exchange Metal Man Sunglasses

A|X Armani Exchange AX2012S Rectangular Metal Sunglasses, Satin Black/Black, GreyThe Armani Exchange Metal Man Sunglasses feature modern detailing and nostalgic lines that help to invigorate any look. The aviator-inspired frames are made from hypoallergenic metal for superior durability.

  • They are very comfortable to wear, thanks to the soft silicone nose pads and comfort flex arms.
  • The nonpolarized lenses provide 100% UV protection.
  • They can help to enhance contrast and allows for a greater depth of vision.
  • With its choice of colors and timeless styling, the Armani Exchange Metal Man Sunglasses can help to reignite your sense of style.
  • The gradient tints make them great for reading on sunny days.

5. Armani Exchange AX2002 Sunglasses

Armani Exchange AX2002 Sunglasses-601013 Light Gold /Brown Grad Lens-61mmThe Armani Exchange AX2002 Sunglasses feature one of the most popular sunglasses styles. The full rim frame and aviator shape make these sunglasses perfect for bald men.

  • The lenses are engineered to protect the eyes from glare and harmful UV rays.
  • You can wear it when driving, on the ski slope, or by the beach.
  • They are durable and long lasting.
  • The Armani Exchange AX2002 Sunglasses are available with a mirror coating option.
  • The filter within the polarized lenses helps to reduce glare.
  • They also allow for greater depth of vision and greatly enhance contrast, especially in water.

6. Gucci GG0009S Men Sunglasses

Gucci Urban Oversized Sunglasses, Lens-59 Bridge-11 Temple-145, Black / Green / BlackThe Gucci GG0009S Men Sunglasses feature a unique pilot shape that gives you a sporty yet trendy look.

  • It is crafted from premium rubber temples and acetate front that makes it very durable and lightweight.
  • The frame features regular hinges which are easy to repair and durable.
  • It has a grosgrain insert which is characteristic of Gucci accessories.
  • The iconic green and red styling in the arm, as well as the colored lenses, gives these sunglasses an elegant look.
  • The matte finish and striped ribbon make it the perfect sunglasses for those stylish bald men.
  • It comes in a protective carrying case and a cleaning cloth.

7. Gucci GG0010S Fashion Sunglasses

Gucci Urban Sunglasses, Lens-58 Bridge-16 Temple-145, Black / Red / BlackThe Gucci GG0010S Fashion Sunglasses have a stylish rectangular shape and a plastic frame that will flatter any bald head.

  • They are crafted from impact resistant materials that will ensure they last for many years.
  • The stainless steel, lightweight titanium, and premium cellulose acetate materials will ensure long-lasting wear.
  • The polarized lenses, mirrored lenses, and fully tinted lenses provide a complete UV protection that will ensure you are covered on a functional level.
  • The regular hinges on the frame are very easy to repair and durable.
  • The Gucci GG0010S Fashion Sunglasses are fashionable and perfect for everyday driving.

8. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL 009188 Sunglasses

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL OO9188 918882 59M Polished White/Prizm Deep H2o Polarized Sunglasses For Men+BUNDLE with Oakley Accessory Leash KitFor those bald men that are into sports and other outdoor activities, the Oakley Flak 2. 0 XL 009188 Sunglasses are a great option.

  • The alternate fit of this model favors bald men with wilder nose bridges and higher cheekbones.
  • The Oakley Flak 2.0 XL 009188 Sunglasses are available in a wide range of color combinations to suit your style and preferences.
  • It comes in a protective carrying case and a cleaning cloth.

9. Oakley Crosshair 004060 Sunglasses

Oakley Men's OO4060 Crosshair Aviator Metal Sunglasses, Lead/Prizm Black Polarized, 61 mmThe Oakley Crosshairs 004060 Sunglasses feature a large curvature that makes them great for bald men with an oval face.

  • The iridium coating of the plutonite lenses enhance optical clarity, block all UV rays, and reduce glare, especially on the highway, snow, or water.
  • It features a highly curved base lens geometry that ensures better peripheral coverage.
  • The 3-point fit will ensure the Temple grips, and nose pads give you the best vision possible.
  • The spring hinges, scratch-resistant lenses, and alloy frame material can withstand falls and drops.
  • The air filled silicon nose pads and unobtanium earsock grips the face even when it is wet with sweat.

10. Ray-Ban ORB2132 Sunglasses

RAY-BAN RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses, Black On Beige/Green, 52 mmFor a masculine, stylish, and classic look, choose the Ray-Ban ORB2132 Sunglasses. Because of the simple design and clean lines of this model, they are a superb option if you are unsure of what style will falter your face shape.

  • It has a design that will look great in virtually any bald head.
  • The slightly rounded frame and rectangular lenses offer an excellent look that won’t overwhelm your face.
  • It is made from high-quality plastic material that is easy to clean and super lightweight.
  • It features a lightweight frame with wide temples, giving you a simple yet refined and relaxed look.
  • It comes in a wide variety of lens treatments including mirror, G-15 polarized, bi-gradient, and crystal green styles.
  • The Ray-Ban ORB2132 Square Sunglasses features polarized lenses that block up to 99 percent of reflected lights.
  • It features a sturdier construction, thicker frames, and they will surely enhance your exterior look.
  • It features flexible nylon fiber frames that make them easy to adjust.
  • The nose guards and plastic frames are very comfortable.

Best Sunglasses For Bald Men
Best Choice

Our top recommendation for bald men is the aviator-style masculine Ray-Ban AVIATOR LARGE POLARIZED METAL sunglasses. These polarized stylish Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses will always look great, no matter the season!

Many sunglasses on the market will not only compliment your face shape but protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

We have selected the best sunglasses for bald men or big heads that will help to make your decision process more comfortable. These pairs will allow you to go out with style and confidence.

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