14 Best Hand-Picked Funny Gifts for Alcoholics


funny gifts for alcoholics

Finding funny gifts for alcoholics can be tricky because you have to have a handle on the alcoholic’s mind and what most alcoholics find funny.

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We have hand-picked some of the best drinking gifts that should appeal to any alcoholic. Choose any of these gifts to share a laugh with the alcoholic in your life!

Funny Gifts for Alcoholics

Here are our hand-picked best funny gag gifts for alcoholics to enjoy:

1. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

The first funny gift for alcoholics is the hilarious and fun drinking game. It is the best way to start or end the night.

These Cards Will Get You Drunk - Fun Adult Drinking Game for Parties

  • With its fast gameplay and easy rules, it will get the party started in no time.
  • It is perfect as a fun icebreaker, nights in, pregame, or for your next party.
  • It is easy to play, just draw a card from the deck and read it out loud.
  • There are instructions on the cards that help to determine who drinks at every round.
  • You can play with wine, shots, or beer.
  • The cards are made of quality materials that won’t get soggy if you accidentally spill on them.

2. The Only Gift Worth Giving

The Only Gift Worth Giving is a set of 5 funny silicone wine stoppers for beer and wine bottles.

5 Funny Wine Stoppers - Perfect as Wine Accessories or Wine Gifts for Women - Set of 5 Funny Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper. A Great Christmas Gifts For Women Or Men. Better Than Wine Corks.

  • These funny alcohol gifts are designed to preserve the taste and keeps your wine fresh for weeks.
  • It provides an airtight, leakproof seal.
  • This best gift for drinkers is made of premium quality silicone material that is easy to wash, reusable, and durable.
  • You can either throw them in the dishwasher or hand wash them as many times as possible.
  • Each wine stopper features a different and fun design.
  • It will fit most standard sized beer and wine bottles.
  • It has a special design that will allow the wine bottles to fit in the fridge perfectly.

3. Fairly Odd Novelties Drunken Blocks

The Fairly Odd Novelties Drunken Blocks is a game that allows you to pull your wood out.

Fairly Odd Novelties Dunken Blocks Shot Glass Drinking Game, A Tower Of Fun!.

  • The game set includes 60 stacking wooden blocks and 4 shot glasses.
  • It is a great novelty gag gift for the alcoholics and can be used for an elephant party, birthday, holiday, Christmas, or groomsman party.
  • This christmas drinking gift is a game for 2 to 4 players, and the tower of blocks makes it a perfect game to play with a group.
  • It has easy-to-read rules book, and the rules are funny.

4. Bo-Toys Drinking Game Glass Roulette

The Bo-Toys Drinking Game is a shot glass bar drinking game that comes with 2 meatballs, a spinning roulette, and 16 shot glasses that can be filled with the drinks of your choice.

Bo-Toys Drinking Game Glass Roulette - Drinking Game Set (2 Balls and 16 Glasses) Casino Style Drinking Game

  • This drinking game gift will surely add excitement to the home of the person you present it to.
  • This gift for alcoholics is easy to play, you just need to turn the wheel to see whose number is up.
  • If the shot glass is similar to the player number, simply empty the glass so you can spin it again.
  • Everyone wins in this fun drinking game regardless of the number the ball lands on.
  • The spinner spins easily, works smoothly, and comes nicely packaged to travel neatly and safely.

5. BigMouth Inc Original Wine Bottle Glass

The BigMouth Inc Original Wine Bottle Glass is the perfect gift for the alcoholics in your life as it can hold up to 750ml of wine at just one serving.

BigMouth Inc. Wine Bottle Glass - “I Only Have Time for 1 Glass of Wine”, Large Wine Glass, Holds an entire 750mL Bottle of Wine

  • This gift for alcohol lover will ensure you don’t have to keep pouring the wine when you want more.
  • These alcohol gag gifts are printed with 100 percent happiness nutrition chart.
  • This funny alcohol gift is available in 6 different colors, giving you more options to choose from.
  • The glass is made of high-quality material that is durable and long lasting.
  • The BigMouth Inc Original Wine Bottle Glass is a funny yet beautiful glass.

6. Peregrino Black Handmade Bota Wineskin

The Peregrino Black Handmade Bota Wineskin is handmade and great for traveling whether you are hiking through the forest, on a bike ride, or a picnic.

Black Handmade Bota Wineskin - Easy Care Latex Lining by La Tienda

  • The cap and spout are made of plastic resin.
  • This funny drinking gift has a goat black suede exterior that is attractive and comfortable.
  • This gift for alcohol lovers is lined with latex, so it can be used for wine or other refreshing drinks.
  • This best drinking gift is easy to use, rinse with water, and add your wine.
  • Wash in soapy water and allow it to dry.

7. AleHorn Genuine Drinking Horn

Throw out your golden chalice and drink like a warlord with the AleHorn Genuine Drinking Horn.

Ale Horn Drinking Horn | Viking Drinking Horn set | Viking Mugs for Beer | Viking Drinking Horn Large Coffee Mug | Viking Horn Cup | Mead Horn | Birthday Gifts for Men | Viking Horn Mug 12 oz

  • These funny drinking gifts are 100% made by hand, and it is a great gift for the alcoholics.
  • It is available in polished or natural finish which gives you the option to either select something a little more elegant or a little more rust.
  • It has a shape similar to an elephant’s tusk, and if you hold it up to your ear, it can echo fallen Vikings shouts.
  • It has a thickness and weight that makes it feel great in the hands.

8. Wine Sensitive Wine Allergy Sensitivity Prevention

The Wine Sensitive Wine Allergy Sensitivity Prevention is designed for those sensitive to wine. It neutralizes and purifies sulfites and sulfur to stop wine reactions.

Wine Balanced Norway's Secret! Organic Red Wine Filter! No More Wine Drops or Wands! Sulfite & Histamines Remover (18 Pack) All Natural Wine Purifier

  • It will allow you to enjoy your wine without nausea, flushing nausea, headaches, and other allergy symptoms.
  • They are made from natural ingredients and do not contain chemical solutions or bulky filters that can taint the flavor of the wine.
  • Each pack contains 18 small teabag-like packets.
  • The Wine Sensitive Wine Allergy Sensitivity Prevention is a great gift for an alcoholic who is sensitive to wine.

9. Halo del Santa Margarita Salt

The Halo del Santa Margarita Salt is a top-shelf garnish for craft cocktails that is free of the debris typically seen in many grocery grade salts.

Halo del Santo • Spicy, Salty, Sour Cocktail Garnish, gold tin (5 oz), for margaritas, Bloody Marys, Mexican beers, ranch waters, and micheladas

  • It is great for Mexican beers, micheladas, Palomas, Bloody Mary, sangritas, and ranch waters.
  • It is made with organic rice hulls instead of silicon dioxide or tricalcium phosphate.
  • The Halo del Santa Margarita Salt is an awesome addition to make your cocktail stand out.

10. PortoVino Beach Wine Tote

The PortoVino Beach Wine Tote is a fashionable and functional purse that allows you to take your drinks on the go.

PortoVino Tote Beach Bag - Canvas Drink Purse with Hidden Spout and Dispenser Flask for Drink Lovers that Holds and Pours 50oz of a Beverage! Traveling, Concerts, Bachelorette Party - Blue/White

  • These funny drinking presents are BPA-free, and it is easy to use and clean.
  • It comes with a beverage pouch where you can keep your hot or cold drinks.
  • It is roomy enough for all your essentials and 1. 5L of your favorite drink.
  • It has an insulated pocket that helps to keep your drink chilled for a long time.
  • It is great for shopping, the pool, the beach, evenings out with friends, and movies.
  • It is available in red or blue.
  • It features a polyester outer material that repels liquid.

11. Zoku Shooter Ice Molds

The Zoku Shooter Ice Molds will ensure your drink never goes warm, and that nobody cradles their liquor through the night.

ZOKU Shooter Ice Molds, Makes 4 Ice Shot Glasses, Protective Base Keeps Hands Dry, 1-Fluid Ounce Each, Easy-Release, BPA and Phthalate-Free

  • Each shooter features a protective base that prevents the hands from getting cold while shooting or slipping.
  • These funny gifts for an alcoholic have a sturdy carrying tray that makes it easy to fill and transfer to the freezer.
  • The super flexible and easy to remove silicone molds help to prevent the ice from splitting or cracking.
  • It is phthalate and BPA free.
  • It comes with 1 storage tray and 4 shooter bases, and 4 ice shot glass.

12. American Oak Aging Barrel

The American Oak Aging Barrel features sturdy handcrafted construction, and it is a combination of elements of steel, fire, and oak.

2 Liter Personalized American Oak Whiskey Aging Barrel (203) - Custom Engraved Barrel From Skeeter's Reserve Outlaw Gear - MADE BY American Oak Barrel - (Natural Oak, Black Hoops)

  • It is perfect bound by six hoops of steel and fitted precisely around 2 equal heads of oak.
  • It is another great gift for alcoholics as it allows them to age their own spirits.
  • Inexpensive spirits can be transformed into a top-shelf flavor in no time with the American Oak Aging Barrel.
  • It is ideal for hot sauce, vinegar, wine, schnapps, liqueurs, cognac, brandy, rum, tequila, scotch, whiskey, and bourbon.
  • These funny gifts for drinkers are easy to use and can accommodate 40% of spirits.

13. One-Handed Grab Opener for Bottles

The One-Handed Grab Opener for Bottles is a functional bottle opener that will make a great gift for the alcoholic in your life.

GrabOpener One Handed Grab Opener for Bottles, Red

  • These gag gifts for drinkers are specially designed to allow you to grab and open your drink with just one hand.
  • It is made of anodized aluminum and rare earth magnet.
  • It comes with a magnet that makes it easy to keep on the fridge and for holding the cap of the beer.
  • It is super easy to use and works for all cap types.
  • The One-Handed Grab Opener for Bottles is a perfect gift for alcoholics who likes capped beverages.

14. Final Touch Stainless Steel Mixing Pitcher

The Final Touch Stainless Steel Mixing Pitcher is perfect for mixing Manhattans, martinis, and other cocktails.

Final Touch Double-Wall Stainless Steel Yarai Mixing Pitcher (SMP130)

  • It features a Japanese Yarai weave pattern, and it provides a secure grip.
  • The double wall insulation helps to keep condensation from forming on the exterior of this mixing pitcher.
  • It is made of brushed stainless steel that is dishwasher safe.
  • It features a raised lip that helps to focus the pour towards the spout, preventing drips and spills.
  • It has a compact design that makes it easy to store.

Gifting any of the gifts we have selected to the alcoholic in your life will make them remember you for a long time to come.

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