Top 14 Best Makeup for 65-Year-Old Woman


Best makeup for 65 year old

Best Makeup for 65 Year Old Woman: Mature skin needs proper care to stay healthy. It is essential to use the right type of skincare products and make for each age. As our body ages, there are significant changes when it comes to our hair, nails, but the most pregnant changes appear on our skin.

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This will influence the way you do your makeup as well as the products you are using. Here you will find the best 14 makeup products for ladies that are 65-year-old or older.

You will also find important information about how you can take care of your skin at a mature age.

What to look for 65-year-old woman makeup?

Applying makeup for older woman

Choosing the right makeup for your age is a necessary process. You need to pay attention to a variety of factors to end up with the best products for you. Here is what you should keep an eye on before pulling your credit card out!

  • Ingredients: One of the most important aspects is the list of ingredients. You want a product that is safe to use, and it will not harm your skin, on top of everything else. Regardless of the makeup product that you need, make sure it has mostly natural ingredients. Stay away from products that contain parabens, alcohol, or artificial fragrances. If your skin is sensitive or if you have specific allergic reactions to some ingredients, the best choice would be a hypoallergenic product.
  • Effects on aging signs: Keep in mind the types of needs that your skin has. If you have mature skin, you will need a cream that hydrates it profoundly and nourishes it at the same time. When it comes to colors, go for those rich in pigments and with no parabens.
  • Proper shades: It is equally important to choose shades that will match the natural tones of your skin. If you are not sure what colors work best for your makeup, you can’t go wrong with nudes, so start with that.
  • Safety: All the makeup products you use have to be safe and not give you any side effects. An excellent way to cover this aspect is to invest in products that are tested by dermatologists. Try a new product on a small portion of the skin and give it time to see if you develop any reactions to it.

What to avoid at all costs?

Elderly woman with makeup

As there are certain things you need to look for, there are also certain things you need to avoid.

  • Don’t use products that contain a lot of harmful chemicals. Harmful chemicals, as well as artificial fragrances, might enrich the colors and scent of the product, but they are not always safe.
  • Don’t use makeup that doesn’t match your skin type. Using a product that doesn’t blend in with your skin type or your skin tone can ruin the entire makeup. Stay away from shades that don’t compliment your natural beauty even if you like them.
  • Stay away from products that can give you side effects. No matter how much you like a particular makeup product, never use it if it provides you irritations or a burning sensation. If you have sensitive skin, you should always use products for this type of skin.

4 Best Makeup Tips for a 65-year-old woman

Makeup tips for 65 year for women

If you have mature skin, you need to take care of it in a way that keeps in good fora long time. While one of your primary interests might be to delay and treat aging signs or cover them with the right makeup, you need to invest in the skincare routine as well.

Here are 4 essential tips to help you have a flawless makeup if you are 65 years old or older!

  1. Use the right foundation for mature skin. A foundation that is appropriate for mature skin will hydrate it intensely. It will also last for a long time and cover Wrinkles, fine lines as well as other aging signs.
  2. Clean your face in the morning and in the evening. Maintaining clean skin daily is very important. To avoid any unpleasant reactions, make sure to clean your face in the morning before applying your makeup and in the evening once you removed it.
  3. Use colors that compliment your natural skin tones. When you add makeup to mature skin, shades are essential. Chose shades that compliment the natural tones and undertones of your skin. Try to highlight your beauty rather than cover it.
  4. Focus on natural makeup rather than a “cakey” makeup. No one likes cakey makeup. This is a downfall of foundations, primers, and concealers, but you can also get this unpleasant effect with eye shadows. The secret in avoiding this cakey effect is using high-quality products and applying thin layers of them.

Best Makeup for 65-year-old woman

Here are the most appreciated products that you can use to have perfect makeup for mature skin. They are all of the outstanding quality and safe to use!


COVERGIRL & Olay Simply Ageless Instant Wrinkle Defying Foundation (Recommended Foundation)

One of the most essential products, when you do your makeup, is your foundation. And this one from Covergirl will take years out of your image as soon as you apply it.

Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Instant Wrinkle-Defying Foundation, Creamy Natural

  • If you keep applying this foundation regularly, your skin will stay well hydrated. It is the perfect foundation to improve elasticity in mature skin and give it a healthy glow.
  • You can forget about those annoying fine lines and cover your wrinkles efficiently by using this foundation. It also reduces dark spots and evens out the skin tone, so you look younger.
  • Even if this foundation works great at any age, for mature ladies, it can be miraculous. Your skin will look smoother and healthier.
  • This foundation is rich in vitamin B3, which is essential for the health of your skin. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, but it is not a hypoallergenic product either. Among the ingredients, you will also find Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. So, you need to check the ingredients and make sure you are not allergic to none of them.
  • This product has an SPF of 28, which protects your skin against dangerous sun rays as well.
  • Rich in vitamin C, B3, and Hyaluronic acid.
  • Covers wrinkles.
  • Hydrates your skin.
  • Helps you look younger.
  • It might come in a smaller container than other products.
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Thank Me Later Primer. Paraben-free and Cruelty-Free (Recommended Primer)

For perfect makeup every day, you need to use an ideal primer. This product from Elizabeth Mott is just the right type of primer you should use for mature skin!

Thank Me Later Primer. Paraben-free and Cruelty Free. …Matte Face Primer (30G)

  • This primer will give your skin a healthy and matte finish. You can count on it for daily use, and it comes at a budget-friendly price.
  • It will last on your face for the entire day, and it is waterproof. Once you apply this product when you do your makeup routine, you can be confident for the rest of your day.
  • If you have large pores, this primer will minimize them in a very efficient way. This means that your mature skin will look younger and glowing. Besides reducing your pores, this product will also cover your fine lines and even wrinkles.
  • You will not have to worry about any greasy residue once you apply this primer. Your face will not be shiny, but it will not be dry either.
  • This primer contains no paraben or other harmful chemicals. It is also cruelty-free, so no animals were tested to obtain the final primer.
  • No oily residue.
  • Covers fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Hydrates your face.
  • No paraben.
  • Cruelty-free product.
  • If you apply too much of it, you might get a cakey result.
  • It might be too dry for some skin types.
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Liquid Foundation, Foundation Cream

One of the best liquid foundations to invest in if you have mature skin is this product from Ldreamam.

Liquid Foundation,Foundation Cream,Flawless Colour Changing Foundation,Hides Wrinkles & Lines,BB Cream,Covering Imperfections Liquid Complete Foundation Cover,Universal Shade for ALL Skin Makeup

  • This liquid foundation will last you a long time once you apply it, and there is no need to reapply it during your day.
  • It will hydrate your skin and make sure it doesn’t get dry during the day. This is a great advantage as some of the foundations might become cakey or dry as hours go by.
  • This foundation will not overload your skin either. It is a lightweight product that will accommodate the skin tone of your face perfectly. This gives you a natural and healthy look.
  • Your pores will be minimized, and they will not get clogged. This foundation offers a medium level of coverage, which is perfect for daily use.
  • This is a waterproof product, and it will cover dark circles as well as other skin imperfections.
  • Long-lasting foundation.
  • Waterproof.
  • Covers skin imperfections.
  • Helps your skin look younger and healthier.
  • Pleasant texture.
  • The level of coverage might not be high enough.
  • More oily than other products.
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5) M. Asam, Lightweight Wrinkle Filler Cream for Flawless Looking Complexion

If you have aging signs such as fine lines or wrinkles, this cream foundation is all you need. It will help you look perfect and gain your confidence.


  • This cream is tested by the best dermatologists on the market. It is made in Germany, and it will cover all the imperfections of your skin.
  • You can use it to cover wrinkles, blemishes, different irritations, and dark spots.
  • A significant aspect of this product is that it has four different functions. You can use it as a primer, concealer, powder, and face foundation. All these functions are highly efficient, and they will give you a perfect look you always wanted to have.
  • This cream will not clog your pores, and it has a very soft texture. It will allow your skin to breathe and have a healthy matte look.
  • You can use it as a primer, powder, foundation, and concealer.
  • Soft texture.
  • Covers all types of skin imperfections.
  • Tested by dermatologists.
  • It comes in a smaller container than other products.
  • The shade might not be the best for all skin tones.
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Glo Skin Beauty Cream Blush (Recommended Blush)

Using a blush can change the entire setup of your makeup. It can give you a natural look you want with just one touch.

Glo Skin Beauty Cream Blush in Guava - Vibrant Watermelon | 4 Shades | Long Lasting, Semi-Matte Finish | Cruelty Free

  • This blush comes in four different colors to choose from. They are all vibrant and natural to blend in perfectly with the rest of your makeup.
  • You will love how this blush makes you look younger as soon as you apply it. It has a creamy texture, which makes it easy to use.
  • It has a lot of mineral pigment to give it a beautiful color that you can enjoy all day long. This product contains no talc or other harmful chemicals, and it has antioxidant properties.
  • All you have to do is blend the color into your skin around your cheekbones by using your makeup brush. For mature ladies, this is a touch of youth and beauty!
  • Different shades to choose from.
  • Creamy texture.
  • It contains mineral pigment.
  • No talc or other harmful chemicals.
  • Antioxidant properties.
  • The colors might be brighter then some users expect.
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Pure Vie 132 Colors All in one Makeup Gift Set (Recommended Makeup Set)

To have the perfect makeup for your mature skin, you need to have the best makeup set. This set will definitely impress you from the first time you see it.

Pure Vie 132 Colors All in one Makeup Gift Set including 94 Highly Pigmented Shimmer and Matte Eyeshadow palette, 12 Concealer, 12 Lip Gloss, 3 Face Powder, 3 Blush, 3 Contour Shade, 5 Eyebrow powder

  • This set offers you all you need to complete your daily makeup. You will receive 132 different colors to accommodate all the needs of your mature skin.
  • Inside this set, you will find 12 different concealers, 12 lip gloss shades, 94 colors rich in pigment 3 different face powders, 3 blushes, 3 contour shades, and 5 eyebrow powder shades.
  • You can use this product to create any type of makeup you want from the fanciest and glamorous one to the daily and natural look.
  • All the colors in this kit are safe to use, and they will last a long time. You can count on them for the entire day, and there is no need to be concerned about any cakey aspect. They will set smoothly on your skin and look as natural as possible.
  • With this kit, you can altogether cover all types of skin imperfections. You can cover acne signs, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and even scars.
  • This set closes in a small way so you can quickly bring it with you everywhere you go.
  • 132 different colors.
  • All you need for any type of makeup.
  • Safe to use for all kinds of skin.
  • Perfect for covering aging signs.
  • Compact design.
  • Not a budget-friendly product.
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Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB (Beauty Balm) Cream (Recommended BB Cream)

Flawless skin can be achieved even if you have mature skin. All you need is the right BB cream, and this product will not disappoint you.

Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB (Beauty Balm) Cream, Universal Shade for ALL Skin Types, SPF 40 (BONUS Pack of 2, 1.5 ounce bottles)

  • This BB cream comes in one shade that can accommodate all types of skin. It will give you a flawless look as soon as you apply it. You can use it on mature skin daily as it covers wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs.
  • The anti-aging effects will work as preventing wrinkles from appearing in the first place. Your skin will look younger for a longer time.
  • This product has an SPF of40, so it will protect your skin against dangerous sun rays as well. This is another reason to wear it daily.
  • You can use this cream to hydrate your skin, protect it, and even your complexion.
  • It is recommended for all skin types, so you really can’t go wrong with this product.
  • SPF 40 protection.
  • Covers and prevents aging signs.
  • One-color for all skin tones.
  • Evens your complexion.
  • It doesn’t have a high coverage.
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Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette Makeup

Another excellent makeup palette that is perfect for mature skin is this product from Lamora. You will love the selection of colors and the quality of each one of them.

Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette Makeup - Matte Shimmer 16 Colors - Highly Pigmented - Professional Nudes Warm Natural Bronze Neutral Smoky Cosmetic Eye Shadows

  • You can choose between three different combinations of colors. Each set of colors addresses a different type of makeup.
  • The colors in this kit are waterproof and rich in pigments, so you can count on the fact that they will last the entire day.
  • The set contains 16 beautiful colors, and they are coming in a creamy formula with a powdery touch.
  • With this kit, you can create all types of makeup. It is perfect for a natural, daily look but also for a glamorous one.
  • The case of this kit is slim, and you can quickly bring it with you everywhere you go.
  • Different colors combinations to choose from.
  • 16 Colors in a set.
  • Rich in pigment.
  • Perfect for mature skin.
  • Long-lasting colors.
  • The colors might not be as bright once you apply them on your face.
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Beauty Glazed 6 PCS Matte Liquid Lipstick set Waterproof Long Lasting (Recommended Lipstick)

Looking for the perfect lipstick to give you the young glam and healthy lips you want to have? This product from BestLand might be just what you need!

Beauty Glazed 6 PCS Matte Liquid Lipstick set Waterproof Long Lasting Birthday Edition Durable Liquid Lipgloss Beauty Cosmetics Makeup Set

  • You can choose between six different shades when you purchase this lipstick. All these colors are perfect for making your lips look fuller and healthier the entire day.
  • This lipstick is made of high-quality ingredients that will nourish your mature lips every time you apply it. It contains vitamin E, vegetable oi, beeswax, and water, as well as other natural ingredients.
  • You will love the way this lipstick hydrates your lips and keeps them soft for the entire day.
  • If you want a sleek look and a long-lasting lipstick, this is the best product to invest in. It also comes at a budget-friendly price, which is a great advantage.
  • It comes with six different shades.
  • Perfect for mature lips.
  • It contains vitamin E, beeswax, and other natural ingredients.
  • Hydrates your lips.
  • It might be too sticky.
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WUNDER2 WUNDERBROW Long Lasting Eyebrow Gel (Recommended Eyebrow Gel)

As we age, not only our skin and hair have to suffer but also our eyebrows. Luckily, this eyebrow gel will take years off your face by giving you the perfect eyebrows!

WUNDER2 WUNDERBROW Long Lasting Eyebrow Gel for Waterproof Eyebrow Makeup, Blonde Color

  • This Wunder2 gel for your eyebrows comes in five different colors. You can choose just the one you need to enrich the natural shade of your eyebrows.
  • It will last a long time and will make your eyebrows look perfectly shaped for the entire day. This product is also waterproof, which increases its overall resistance and quality.
  • Your eyebrows will look thicker and fuller as soon as you apply this gel. This will define your entire look elegantly.
  • Because this gel is infused with fibers that imitate the natural hair of your eyebrows, it will blend in perfectly.
  • It is also a cruelty-free and vegan product, and it contains safe ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects.
  • Waterproof gel.
  • Five colors to choose from.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free product.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Defines your eyebrows.
  • It is not a hypoallergenic gel.
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IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer (Recommended Concealer)

A concealer is a must for mature skin, and it can make the difference between an average makeup and a perfect one. This product from IT Cosmetics is just what you need to get a flawless look every day.

IT COSMETICS 0.4 oz Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer (20.0 Medium)

  • There are 13 different shades of concealers to choose from according to the tone of your skin.
  • This product is waterproof and rich in anti-aging properties. It will cover wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots as well as other skin imperfections.
  • It is one of the concealers that was awarded as the best product for mature skin.
  • This product comes with a high level of coverage, and it is rich in pigments. Among its ingredients, you will find hyaluronic acid, vitamins, collagen, and antioxidants.
  • It will not just cover aging signs, but it will also prevent them from happening in the first place.
  • Different colors to choose from.
  • Contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other anti-aging ingredients.
  • Waterproof.
  • Resistant for the entire day.
  • Might be too thick for some users.
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iQ Natural Mineral Makeup Starter Kit

If you want a starter kit to take care of your mature skin, this one from iQ Natural is one of the best to invest in. It has all you need to create a perfect look in a matter of minutes!

iQ Natural Mineral Makeup Starter Kit – Powder Brush, Silk Primer, Mineral Foundation, Setting Veil, Bisque Concealer, Bronzer + Eye Shadow for Flawless Bare Looking Skin, Full Set (Fair)

  • This starter kit comes in five different tones to accommodate more types of skin colors. You can choose a good, tan, dark tan, medium-dark, or dark shade according to your skin tone.
  • It contains nourishing ingredients to maintain healthy skin. All the ingredients in this product are organic and safe for all types of skin. Among its ingredients, you will find Zinc oxide, which offers protection against sun rays as well.
  • Inside this kit, you will find a primer, foundation, concealer, bronze touch, brush, and several eye shadows. It is all you need for a natural and healthy makeup daily.
  • The coverage of this kit is high, and it does a great job of hiding wrinkles as well as other aging signs. It is just what your mature skin needs to look impeccable.
  • Complete kit for daily makeup.
  • Covers wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Contains Zinc oxide.
  • Only natural ingredients.
  • Safe for all types of skin.
  • It is not waterproof.
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Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty Forever Flawless Professional Finish Foundation

The foundation you use can make you look years younger and keep your mature skin healthy fora long time. This product from Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty will not disappoint you!

Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty Forever Flawless Professional Finish Foundation SPF 40, 1.2 Fl oz (Medium Neutral)

  • It is perfect for mature skin as it gives you a flawless look to be proud of. You can use it to cover the fine lines and wrinkles you have but also prevent new ones from appearing.
  • Even if this cream is intended for mature skin, you can use it for all types of skin, and it will bring you the same benefits.
  • Your skin will stay hydrated for the entire day, and it will start producing the moisture it needs to stay healthy.
  • This foundation will cover all types of imperfections, including acne and blemishes.
  • It comes with an SPF of 40, so you are protected against dangerous sun rays as well.
  • Covers wrinkles and other aging signs.
  • Prevents aging signs.
  • Great for all types of skin.
  • SPF 40.
  • Doesn’t have a high coverage level.
  • It might be too watery.
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Omorphia Cosmetics Snail Recovery Gel (Recommended Skincare Gel)

Omorphia offers you a great gel to get your mature skin in perfect shape and health. This product will treat and prevent aging signs efficiently.

Omorphia Cosmetics Anti Age Snail Recovery Gel, Face Moisturizer with Non-Dehydrated Snail Mucin, The Snail Cream for Mature Skin, 50 ml (1.7 fl. oz.)

  • It slows down the aging signs and keeps your skin healthier and looking young for a longer time.
  • This product is made of only natural ingredients such as snail mucin. Every time you apply it, your skin will become softer and brighter.
  • It hydrates your skin and helps it regenerate faster. Your skin will also be more elastic thanks to the Q10, collagen, and elastin found in this cream.
  • This product is hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to fear any unwanted reactions. This is why it is appropriate for all types of skin, including the sensitive type.
  • It contains no alcohol, dangerous chemicals, or parabens. It is also cruelty-free and made to accommodate the needs of women’s skin.
  • Natural product.
  • Hydrates your skin.
  • Delays aging signs.
  • Safe for all types of skin.
  • Recommended for daily use.
  • It might have a strong scent that even if it is not unpleasant, it might be too much for some buyers.
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5 Frequently asked questions for older woman makeup

Can I use makeup to prevent aging signs?.

Answer: Yes, and as a matter of fact, you should. As soon as you notice the first fine lines or aging signs, it is a good idea to switch from your regular makeup to the one for mature skin. Many products contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen that will delay aging signs and wrinkles in particular.

Should I use makeup to treat aging signs?

Answer: You can use different makeup products to cover wrinkles and fine lines and prevent new ones from appearing. However, makeup products will not be efficient in treating such signs. But you can use skin care products known for their ability to treat wrinkles.

Do I have to remove my makeup every evening?

Answer: Yes, you need to go to bed with a clean face. Sleeping with makeup on will only aggravate your aging signs and give you a lot of skin conditions. Make sure you use your makeup remover and your cleanser every evening before bedtime.

Should I use daily face cream for mature skin if I don’t have wrinkles?

Answer: Many face creams will help you delay wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs. It is essential to use them regularly because it is much easier to prevent than to treat. So, make sure you choose the right daily face cream and use it accordingly.

Is there a makeup product I should avoid for mature skin?

Answer: Depending on the type of mature skin you have, you might want to stay away from products intended for very greasy skin. Mature skin is usually drier than other types of skin, and it needs more hydrating and moisturizing. Go to products designed for mature skin as well as dry and sensitive skin.

Taking care of mature skin is not a problem if you have all the information you need. And ending up with a flawless makeup is definitely easier by following the tips in this guide.

Keep in mind that you should never compromise when it comes to the quality of the products you apply to your skin.

Use only makeup products that accommodate the needs of mature skin, and they are safe, so you don’t have to deal with unpleasant side effects.

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