10 Tacky DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts


10 Tacky DIY Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day – a famous day for all true lovers also happens to be quite a stressful day. How to pick a unique and classy present for your sweetheart? It is indeed a common question bugging minds of millions all across the globe on this auspicious day. Taking out for a romantic dinner and handing over a beautiful bouquet of fresh, vibrant flowers is not enough to cut the grades these days.

To top it off, companies manufacturing gift items consider this “grand day of love” to be extremely lucrative. Cheesiest valentine day gifts are brought on boards and are marketed as romantic and amazingly unique products. Unfortunately, when confusions double, you fall trap to these convincing marketing tricks and end up buying the tackiest of gifts ever. Think about it – what’s so breathtaking about gifting your girlfriend edible lingerie and oh not to forget those over-sized ‘Crazy for You’ teddies?

Love-Birds these days prefer handcrafting a V-day gift. Such fanciful ideas are romantic and very meaningful. However, deciding upon some dingy and shabby ideas can ruin the whole ‘love in the air’ thing. So, appropriately in your favor, here’s a list of 10 tacky DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that you should certainly stay clear from.

1. Tic–Tacs Valentine Gift

Tic Tocs
First in the list of 10 tacky DIY Valentine’s Day gifts is a box of Tic-Tacs. Certainly a cheap present to start with, Tic-Tacs are merely some peppermint nuggets. The idea of printing a customized label with a love message scribed on it is undoubtedly creative but what’s so special about a box of peppermints? No one stocks it longer than a week. Come up with some cool idea instead.

2. Slimy and Melting Hearts

Melting Heart Slimes
Melting Heart Slimes
Speaking of tacky V-day presents, how do you think your boyfriend would react having been gifted little red hearts with messages on top? That’s not it! These hearts are also melting and gooey. Not unless your sweetheart is a teeny youngster, no guy would feel anything special about getting hands on a couple of red personalized slimy hearts. Of course making these red poppers are plain and easy. All you need is red glitter glue, some borax, and warm water. To treat his nose-buds, you can always pour in a drop or two of rose oil, chocolate extract or any essential oil that pleases you.

3. Real Fruit Messengers

Valentine's day Fruit
Fruit Messages
Valentine’s Day is a day of love where expression of emotions carry great weight but speaking your heart out on a real fruit? Gross, isn’t it? Buying a banana to write statements like ‘I am bananas for you’ or a pear to write ‘We both make a beautiful PEAR’ is so not creative.

4. Little Rocks Expressing Love

Love Rocks!
Lock Rocks!
Really Rocks?? Come-on, it falls amidst a list of funny Valentines presents. Don’t you think people look upon the heartless and emotionless chaps as rocks? So a rock to express love? Quite weird actually. Making these rock messengers is picnic. Gather up some little pebbles or rocks from your yard. Wash and dry them. Finally, using a permanent marker, draw or scribe any of your heart-felt wishes on it.

5. Beer Bottles of Love

Beer Bottles Love
Beer Bottles of Love
Since when do beer bottles signify love? The last people knew were champagnes used for celebrating love bonds. Anyway, you can always craft a holder using cardboard cylinders and wrapping them up in some glossy scrapbook papers. Pop-in a beer bottle and that’s pretty much your “supposed-to-be the most romantic and unique Valentine gift”.

6. G-String Made of Candies

Lingerie made from Candies
A candy g-string – now that’s shoddy and certainly vulgar. Unlike most other tacky DIY ideas mentioned above, this item definitely takes time and labor to craft it. Even then, who craves to gulp down lingerie? Take a look at this for inspirations 🙂

7. Valentine Take Out Boxes

Valentine's Day Take Out Box
Valentine’s Day Take-out Boxes
Were you saving run-of-the-mill take out boxes to gift your loved one some sweet candies? Ewww….. That’s tacky! No matter how much you shell out to have sheets of customized printables wrapped onto the take out boxes, it shall still be something people trash on a regular basis. Showing off love via remodeled and decorated take out containers is a big NO!

8. Notebook Treat Bags

Valentine treat bags
Notebook Treat Bags
Are you interested in racking up ideas on the cheesiest Valentine day gifts? Great! Go for the notebook treat bags. To your favor, this gift is also very pocket-friendly and requires hardly any labor. A couple of notebook pages and glue are enough to craft the bags. You can pen down your feelings or messages if any and fill these little paper bags with goodies and candies.

9. Hearts of Socks

Rainbow Sock Valentines Day
Rainbow Socks
Another item that needs a special mention in the list of 10 tacky DIY Valentine’s day gifts – ‘Hearts of Socks’. To make these, you need to have a little sewing talent. Grab some neutral colored socks and using needle and thread, create little hearts out of it. You can color these hearts red or use a mix of hues, just like a rainbow and fill in some polyfils for that extra puff.

10. Valentine Bath Bars

Valentine's Day Bath Bars
Valentine’s Day Bath Bars
Wrapping up the list of tacky V-day presents are bath bombs. Now this item does require labor and idea to a great extent. First of all, you need to have hands on ingredients like citric acid, corn starch, shea butter, baking soda, essential oil and colorings of your choice. Stir these ingredients, making sure that there are no lumps at all and fill them in spray bottles. Use these bottles to spray the mixture in silicon molds and keep the mold away to settle for at-least twelve hours. Voila! Your bath bombs are ready to be wrapped and gifted.


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