10 Travel Scrapbook Ideas That Will Ignite Your Cracking Creative Skills!


Travel Scrapbook Ideas

Travel Scrapbook Ideas: Do you have the luxury of going globe-trotting anytime you want? Well, not all of us are filthy rich to drop anchors at faraway lands in just a few days planning! However, when we do, we mostly look for ways to save the good cherishing memories in a vacation, right?

What could describe reminiscence and speak clearer than the good old pictures? Creating travel scrapbooks are indeed both a creative and most organized form of stacking up memories from previously accomplished travels.

Travel Scrapbook Leather Album
This retro travel scrapbook photo album has captivated many scrapbookers by its beautiful pattern. The scrapbook cover is made of soft leather. The overall shape is vintage and elegant-looking. This scrapbook has carefully selected papers to ensure a good user experience.

Planning to go fishing Bone-fish in Belize or thinking of a long break in Nova Scotia? Don’t be disheartened if sifting out dates seems backbreaking at the moment. Simply flip through your travel scrapbook albums and take pleasure in witnessing those merry family moments of cruising all over again. Travel scrapbook ideas are pretty popular and certainly a great way of preserving real-time holiday experiences.

Not sure where to start putting your creative craftsmanship into use?

Well, here’s a quick list of incredible travel scrapbook ideas that’s beautiful to watch but super easy to make. Take a look! In case you missed the baby scrapbook ideas, check out here.

1. A couple of acrylic lines teamed with snaps of city streets with your loved one enjoying a casual stroll

Snaps of city and streets travel-scrapbooking Got it! Sounds too easy for a travel scrapbook, right? Well, I bet, getting candid shots like these is harder than you think. Capturing the picturesque landmarks or sceneries is simple but what we often miss is getting candid shots of our loved ones.

Don’t forget to paste a photo on your travel scrapbook paper if you’ve luckily managed to get snaps of your beau wandering on the streets without any idea of being clicked. Since it’s all about accessorizing and perking up the page, use bold acrylic colors to draw up lines and post some cool and funky journal stickers if you’ve got one. Don’t skip mentioning the place and scribing down a little journal about the moment.

Reference: Organised Mess

2. Scrapbooking travel using sketchbooks

Scrapbooking Travel Sketches Before training in any deep, one of the most amazing perks of using sketchbooks for scrapbooking holiday is that it’s dirt cheap. If you can get hands on a book with textured pages, it’s even better. So, are you attempting at chronicling a visit to some ancient place that’s loaded with a historical reference? Great! Using watercolors or acrylic paints in shades of brown and yellow is a perfect compliment. Nothing peps up a plain scrapbook page better than paper details and colorful ribbons.

Creating journals always tops the list of things-to-do when putting travel scrapbook ideas in use. Things like business cards, tickets, local labels or just anything that you once thought was junk couldn’t be handier. Doodle, draw, write or simply stack in your goodies. Everything makes a scrapbook worthier in future.

Reference: Craftster Forum

3. Story tell your vacation

Story tell scrapbook-1
Story tell scrapbook-2
Story tell scrapbook-3

Have you recently toured around the vibrant city of Las Vegas? Creating travel scrapbook for places like this is a piece of pie. From casinos to shows, flashy lights and sin city, don’t forget to keep the camera at your beck and call whenever you are hopping out.

To get started with such travel scrapbooks, create a page that showcases the architecture and art of the city you are absolutely bowled over with. From journals to pictures and thumbnails if any, get it all glued. Next is the lights! How can you drop by the notoriously famous Fremont Street in Vegas, witness the majestically gorgeous light-shows and not take snapshots? Post the same if you have those. It will instantly enlighten your mood when you miss being in Vegas the next time.

Lastly, no scrapbook telling is complete without scribing down your whole experience in a nutshell. Posting a collage of pictures throughout the trip here marks high grades. Try it!

Reference: Scrapbook

4. Double sided paper in a particular hue

Washington DC double side travel-scrapbooks Travel scrapbook albums like this is outright smart. Popular as a hybrid scrapbook layout, the album includes materials like conventional papers coupled with a tinge of technology. Not very clear about the idea yet? Hold on, read an example.

Taking snapshots of popular tourist places is common. However, do you have a habit of saving brochures, souvenirs, postcards or other memorabilia? If not, start it right-away. Since gluing everything in one album may mess up your album, the best way to incorporate all in your travel scrapbook is by scanning the pics of all these collected items, wrapping them into a collage using advanced software like Photoshop and finally, getting them printed on one side of the so-called ‘hybrid’ scrapbook.

Of course, leave one side of the same to throw in the snaps, assemble them on your own, scribble a line or two and get your wholesome experience amazingly chronicled.

Reference: Take Great Pictures

5. Map it out

Road map travel scrapbook How is travel scrapbooking eggs in beer? Do you have a friend who mostly drops out of a plan right at the end? Well, this is indeed the best way to flaunt off the joyride you’ve recently witnessed! Travel scrapbook ideas are countless. It all depends on your creative bent of mind. However, crafting scrapbooks according to themes makes your work a lot easier. Did you manage to go wayfaring with close buddies on a long yet mesmerizing road trip? Great! There is undoubtedly nothing better than sticking to a traditional map-themed scrapbook idea to chronicle this amazing holiday experience.

Wondering how to get started? Simple, get hands on the pictures of the lakefront you drove through. Sift out the best one and use it as a background for your ultimate scrapbook title. Since it’s all about narrating an extravagant road trip, don’t forget putting in the maps. It not just livens up a simple, colorful page but is indeed great assistance to all your geographically-challenged friends who failed to be a part of this exciting voyage.

Reference: Craft Foxes

6. Calendar Book

Calendar Travel Journal The objective is to spill the beans of your amazing holiday experience, right? Regular travel scrapbooks are a cakewalk regarding creativity. However, if there’s an inner artistic talent of yours that’s budding and demanding exposure, doing up something unique will certainly mark grades. Scrapbook your next travel in a calendar journal. Don’t worry! It’s no hard-won effort. All you need are index cards, postcards, pictures, and a decent fruit basket to stack it all up. Unique for sure, the idea is very fresh, sassy and super easy to do up.

Reference: Babble

7. The Filmstrip layout

Filmstrip Travel Scrapbook Voyaging means tons and tons of snapshots. Arranging them in a regular album is good but certainly nothing way-out and innovative. How about taking a little inspiration from the old-school techniques and pep-it up with fresh modern twists? Let’s do it the filmstrip style!

To get started with this cute layout, purchasing filmstrip pieces is cardinal. Fortunately, stationery shops nowadays are replete with quick cuts options. Just in case, you fail to get hands on a ready-made one, forge ahead with a usual black paper sheet and a small square punch. Get started from the scratch and craft your very own booth style layout.

Reference: Love My Scrapbooking

8. Origami style folding scrapbook

Foldable Scrapbook Documenting a merry holidaying experience is a lot of fun. You don’t just earn opportunities to restore memories of the past but have something golden to pass on to the generations after. Travel scrapbook done in an origami style is both creative and very impressive. All you need to do is enlarge the usual photographs, tape the snaps together in an origami style, apply some sharp creases using a bone folder and that’s all about it.

Of course, you could embellish the journal and jazz it up from being an ordinary scrapbook to an extraordinary chronicle. Fix a little story of your trip to the folding for instance.

Reference: Martha Stewart

9. Memorabilia Collection

Memorabilia Travel Scrapbook Travel scrapbook ideas like these highlights the art of chronicling a tour in the form of a book. You can kick-start your very own right from scratch. A collection of memorabilia essentially means stacking up a whole lot of pictures. To get this job done, using black card stocks with a little texture or hints of sparkly golden stripes for the pages is bound to work wonders. Spiral bind the pages to give it a mesmeric book-like appeal.

For the photos, it is best to mount them on white or any other contrast colored card stocks. Adding the pre-made photo corners is a sure shot way to jazz up the scrapbook’s appeal. Create little tabs on the side for an A1 travel diary finish.

Reference: Teresa Collins Design Team

10. The ultimate memory album

Ultimate Memory Scrapbook Scrapbooking travel on a whole demands a little time and effort. Why just stick to snaps when stuff like tour guide pages and other nitty-gritty are equally important? Create a book with a winning cover. Add pictures that cherish you up and incorporate every little detail you can hang onto. Don’t forget fabricating interesting tabs on the top of the scrapbook.

Reference: Laughing Crow Studio

If you’re short on time but at the same time, you want to get your travel album done, check out this video where most of the pre-made pages/albums that can be purchased from the crafts store and use them in your travel scrapbooks.

Document your journey on-the-go. Countless travel scrapbook ideas are up for grabs to help you remember a holiday better. Chronicling the bygone experiences help you relive the trip over and over again. From photos to stories, travel guides and more, scrapbooking travel is a hobby to be cherished.


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