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tacky tourist day ideas

Tacky Tourist Ideas: Whether you are dropping anchors at the golden Hawaiian beaches or visiting Disney world with family, spotting a tacky tourist is no big challenge! Wondering what defines a tacky tourist in the first place?

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Well, it is about the sightseeing gears and the whole tacky tourist costume that describes the label in a nutshell.

Although a very inappropriate wardrobe and sense of fashion, tacky tourists stand out from regular locals. Dressed in vibrant and colorful outfits, particularly florals teamed with unattractive slippers, the idea of adopting a casual approach is more like celebrating a break from the boring 9-5 suit driven white-collar life.

Apart from a dress code that’s hilarious, it’s all about slipping into the most comfortable apparels and enjoy globetrotting. So, with long vacations knocking around the corners, wondering what tacky tourist ideas to choose from? Take a look!

Top 25 Best Tacky Tourist Day Ideas


Forum Men’s Tropical Tourist Costume

Forum Novelties mens Tropical Tourist Adult Sized Costume, Multi/Color, One Size USForum Novelties brings you the most comfortable and fun way of dressing that reflects the spirit of Hawaii.

  • Do you have a tacky tourist party to attend or Halloween or just want to create a fun atmosphere at a costume party? Make sure to try out this super cool Hawaiian-style shirt and a printed tank top that comes with attached shorts and hoop waist.
  • Put together in soft tropical hues, the 2-piece costume sets the tone of an exotic luau theme party.
  • Also, it adds some extra fun if you can couple it with a friend or a special someone.


Fun World Tacky Tourist Adult Costume

Fun World Adult Tacky Tourist Adult CostumeCan tacky and fun go together?

  • Well, yes! That is how this outfit can be best described as.
  • The one-piece jumpsuit with blue Aloha shirt top and Bermuda shorts with wired hoop waist is crazily tacky and absolutely funny that it makes people compliment your sense of humor on display, wherever you go.
  • It is lightweight and fits best for adults of most sizes.
  • If you are planning for a Halloween or any Tuesday, this outfit would be your perfect choice as it lightens and brightens the mood of the place, making you stand out and enjoy all the attention.


Fun World Tacky Traveler Adult Costume

Fun World Men's Tacky Traveler Adult Costume, Multi, UNISEX - Men up to 6/200 lbs… Womne Size 4-14Thumbs up to this bright, beautiful and funny one-piece jumpsuit.

  • It has a shirt top with the words ‘Which way to the Buffet’ printed on the front, a Hawaiian-style shirt and blue Bermuda shorts with a wire hoop waist.
  • Whether you are preparing to be a funny, nerdy host or a hilarious guest, this tacky world traveler will give you the kick.
  • The stylized portrayal of humor is going to set a laughter riot and entertain the onlookers, keeping the flavor of the party alive and fresh.
  • So, what’s keeping you off? Give it a go and get ready for a ton of compliments coming your way!


Forum Novelties Unisex Fun Tropical Tourist Costume

Forum Novelties Unisex Tropical Tourist Costume, Qty 1You have a fun theme party coming up real soon? Take the stress off the list.

  • This tropical tourist jumpsuit is just for you.
  • It comes with an inflatable camera that acts as the right accessory to complete the look.
  • The hoop waist adds a hilarious tone to the outfit, bringing laughter to everyone around.
  • It is absolutely picturesque, ridiculous and very well suited for an ugly dress up party during summer.
  • Whether it is an outdoor party on a perfect summer evening or an indoor house party, you can keep it easy and fun with the right outfit on.


Hawaiian Shirt Flamingo Leaf Print Beach

Men Hawaiian Shirt Flamingo Casual Short Sleeve Beach Aloha Shirt Blue XLThe scenic Flamingo printed Aloha Hawaiian-style shirt is a very comfortable casual wear for a tacky tourist day, summer party or a fun event.

  • It is available in bold colors and prints, giving you many stylish options to get ready for the bright and sunny weather.
  • Adding vibrant colors and tropical prints to your wardrobe collection is a perfect pro-fashion choice to stay high on trend this summer.
  • They give such a happy beach vibe to a party and helps just to stretch back, chill out, and have all the fun you can, putting away the cares of the world.


JEETOO Men’s Pineapple Floral Short Sleeve Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

JEETOO Floral Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt for Men Print Aloha Hawaiian Shirts Blue Pineapple MThe Hawaiian Aloha shirt has a slim fit cut that accentuates your physique and creates a crisp silhouette.

  • It is available in many different delightful colors and tropical patterns to give the hot summer season a cool and refreshing effect.
  • Summertime usually calls for a vacation with family or friends and the floral and tropical prints are like must-haves to set the holiday mood up and to run.
  • Be it at the beach, on a cruise or just a tacky tourist event in the neighborhood, this shirt is going to elevate your look and keep your style on point in the most effortless way possible.


Adult Size Faux Real Tourist Tacky Traveler

The ultra-comfortable Aloha T-shirt is designed with tropical elements to reflect the celebratory tradition of Hawaii.

  • This tacky tourist costume comes with a photo-realistic fanny pack, sunglasses, 35MM camera and leis built in, adding a fun quotient to being a tacky tourist.
  • It is the ideal piece of outfit for informal and casual events, beach parties or theme parks.
  • Whether you are posing as a tourist, or really planning for a vacation, it is always best to go for a cheerful outfit displaying the holiday mood and the vibrant essence of the place.
  • You can never go wrong with this one in the wardrobe!


Funny Guy Mugs Mens Hawaiian Print Button Down Shirt

Funny Guy Mugs Mens Hawaiian Pizza Print Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt, MediumThe creative and uniquely printed Hawaiian shirt is made with a lightsome and super soft fabric to give you the ultimate taste of comfort.

  • The saucy shirt with a vivid pattern makes you look incredibly stylish as it perfectly integrates the retro vibe into the contemporary fashion scene.
  • As the saying goes, beach days are the best days, you can never have too much of it.
  • So, enjoy the salty air days at the beach in this casual, holiday-friendly shirt, designed to spread the lightheartedness of a vacation mood.
  • After all, it is never a gloomy day with a fun outfit on!


V.H.O. Funky Hawaiian Blouse Women Short-Sleeve

Funky Hawaiian Blouse Shirt, Shortsleeve, Surf, Purple, LThe tacky Hawaiian blouse explodes the vivacious spirit of Aloha.

  • It reminds us to go all out and enjoy every day to the fullest.
  • Made of terivoile, the classic collar blouse with Hawaiian print is available in captivating colors and designs to fill up your summer wardrobe.
  • The Hawaiian print is so in trend right now, and it is not too late for you to rock it like a pro.
  • Be it a vacation, a little getaway to a theme park or just a casual day out and you want to look fabulously cool, this funky blouse is the perfect bet for you.


FunWorld Peanut Butter and Jelly Set

FunWorld Peanut Butter And Jelly SetAll the peanut butter and jelly lovers out there, looking for a fun costume to wear as a couple to Tacky Tourist party?

  • You are at the right place.
  • The peanut butter and jelly set is an easy going and unique yet identifiable costume that strikes the chord with everyone around.
  • Among the vast varieties of scary outfits, this costume gives a fun vibe and helps you stand out at the party and make a lasting impression on people’s minds.
  • And who knows? You might also get a chance to win the best costume contest award if the party organizers are going to arrange one.


Short Sleeve: Tourist Tee T-Shirt

Short Sleeve: Tourist Tee T-Shirt Size XXLTravel fashion has become a thing in recent years, and there’s no reason for you to stay behind on all the fun. This touristy t-shirt with tropical print is the way to step up your style game like no other.

  • Even if you are just planning to enjoy a weekend getaway at a local resort to escape from all the busyness of city life, this exotic piece of outfit helps you to dive into the holiday mood directly and have some real deal of fun.
  • It is no more just a ‘cool dad outfit. ‘ Times have changed, and the trend is brilliantly back to rule the rage.
  • So, hop on!


Funky Hawaiian Surf Shirt

V.H.O. Funky Hawaiian Shirt, Shortsleeve, Surf, Purple, SThe fresh and funky shirt with Hawaiian print is made of a soft and thin fabric to keep you cool even during the hot summer days.

  • Available in perfect purple and tropical prints, this Hawaiian shirt is full of energy and life.
  • If you are a beach person and wish to keep the beautiful landscape close to you even when you are far away from living in a city, this shirt will be the best addition to your summer wardrobe.
  • And without a second thought, it could be your go-to choice whenever you plan to have a vacation by the beach.


FEEAA Moana Maui Tattoo T-Shirt/Pants

FEEAA Maui Tattoo T Shirt/Pants Halloween Adult Mens Women Cosplay CostumeThe high-quality 3D printed Maui tattoo patterns create the visual effect of having tattoos all over your body. The cosplay costume fits so perfectly like a glove that it doesn’t look like a costume anymore.

  • If you are someone who always wanted to try having tattoos on your body but could not do so because of whatever reasons, this one’s just for you to get the feel.
  • Also, it is so much fun to wear on a Halloween day when almost everyone around tries so hard to look spooky and scary, you look effortlessly cool drawing all the attention in the room.


V.H.O. Funky Hawaiian Shirt Men Short-Sleeve

V.H.O. Funky Hawaiian Shirt, Shortsleeve, Beach, Blue, MVibrant colors, beautiful prints, and beach vibes make summer sound so pleasant. Now that’s what this shirt is all about.

  • Made of terivoile, the classic collar Hawaiian shirt is smooth on the body and makes you feel comfortable in the sun.
  • With the beautiful scenic print of palm trees, ocean water, and sunset, this shirt is goals to wear to a theme party.
  • It is available in many different exciting colors and prints that you cannot stop with just one.
  • And why should you, when everything is so lovely and fresh? Also, it is always a good thing to be tacky tourist ready!


Plug and Socket Couple’s Costume

Rasta Imposta Plug and Socket Couples Plus Size CostumeIf you are a couple trying to win big eyes in a crazy Halloween party that also includes tacky tourist outfit ideas, this annoyingly entertaining and unique plug and socket dress code could surely work wonders.


Girl Scout Approach

Disiao Sexy Scout Role Play Costume Set Halloween Suits Cosplay for Teen Girl Woman (M, Brown)Got it! Everyone’s going to laugh their lungs out but hey it’s a tacky tourist day in the end, who cares? Get dressed in an old green jumper with a basic white t-shirt underneath. Now, a neckerchief is a must when pulling off this weird green scout look. Pop in a sash and an attractive green cap. That’s it! You are ready to trot the streets!


Ideal Tacky Tourists Costume

Ideal Tacky Tourist Costume
Source: NHS Patriot News

Never dump those crazy and loud Hawaiian shirts. They are big savers on happening tacky tourist events. Once you are done picking an outfit of your choice, remember wrapping that clunky camera around your neck. Going for cartoon head gears add pink feathers to the hat. Fanny packs, on the contrary, are absolute winners. After all, it bags in all your goodies. From sunscreens to mini-brush, sewing kits, mirrors, and other what-nots, a fanny pack holds it all!


The Cupcake Costume

Cupcake Costume
Source: Mommy Upgrades

Get your girl all decked for the jovial tacky tourist day. It’s no hard nut to crack, believe it! Begin by selecting a shirt that resembles a cool Hawaiian style. Something with long horizontal stripes will do just as good. Team it up with long shorts. However, if you could get your hands on those old-school mom style high-waist bottoms, it peps up the tacky tourist costume even better. For footwear, you can make a pick between sandals or a pair of white tennis shoes. Just don’t forget to pair up your shoes with bold printed knee-high socks. For a cupcake tacky tourist costume, a vibrant duo of giraffe print socks is both sassy and appropriate.

Girls don’t forget, accessories are a must when tacky tourist outfit ideas are in question. Strap on those fanny packs and don’t you dare skip donning one of those over-sized safari hats. Sunglasses are of course primary!


Body Paint is Rightly a Clothing Alternative

Body Paint - Set of 8 Tubes - Neon Fluorescent, ETEREAUTY Glow Blacklight Face and Body Paint 1.0oz with 6 Brushes and a Mixing PaletteAre you not very eager about doing up much clothing? Well, thumbs up to the idea of body painting then! Tacky tourist outfits couldn’t be more exciting. It’s like eggs in beer. Thinking why? Well first, it’s cut-throat cheap and second, showcases a creative side of yours. Just make sure you have access to skin-friendly paints that can easily be applied on your body. Do chose a character that people are nuts about, including you. It gives you the much needed brownie points.


Tacky Man Look – Tacky Tourist Ideas

One of the popular things often missed when talking about the tacky tourist day ideas is the sunscreen nose. How can you possibly forget painting the bridge of your nose white when doing up a proper outfit on a tacky tourist day? Get clothed in the most attractive and bright tropical shirt available. Compliment the same with the usual khaki shorts. Having a straw hat is like a cherry on the cake. Throw in a couple of maps, a fanny pack and yes the age-old camera. To pose a perfect finish to this whole look, wrap it up with a rimmed over-sized glare!


Tacky American Road Trip Outlook

RFID Fanny Pack for Women and Men - Secure Travel Waist Bag with RFID Protection + Karpathic Microfiber Sunglasses Bag includedWhat’s a traveler if there’s no set of maps in hands? Agreed that navigation tools are way more cutting-edge now but come-on, tacky tourists need a set of maps to follow. Slip into the most brightly colored blue floral shirt. Go for the loose-fitting ones please, a size or two extra is just perfect. Team it up with long high-waisted shorts, khaki obviously. This time you can do with a cross bag instead of a fanny pack just in case you fail to get hands on one. A straw hat and sun glass is still compulsory. Finish this typical tacky tourist costume with a camera and you are all set.


Hawaiian Flower garlands

PartySticks Hawaiian Leis Bulk Luau Party Decorations - 50 Hawaiian Necklace Faux Silk Flower Leis, Luau Party SuppliesSo, are you scratching your heads thinking how to dress like a tacky tourist and pep it up effortlessly? Well having a flower garland as an accessory could amplify the appeal for sure. If floral shirts seems a bit too old-school, you can always bank upon the cheesy t-shirts imprinted with popular city names. Have a hat ready and artificial floral embellishments are always a hit. So try it!


The Multi-Color Attire

Idgreatim Men 3D Graphic American Flag Short Sleeve Printed One Piece Romper Jumpsuit SAre you ready to set the venue on fire? Well, here’s a whole new dimension to traditional tacky tourist day ideas. Go purple this season. Team it up with multi-colored floral printed vest and bow tie. Hey wait! The look isn’t complete yet. To heap on that wow factor, use accessories like a mask, baton, gloves, long hat and of course a relevant pair of footwear.


Fever Male Hawaiian Costume

When talking about tacky tourist, Hawaiian outfit is the first thing that pops up in your brain, right? So how about creating a picture-perfect look without overdoing it? To wrap up this crazy tacky tourist costume, you will need a beach bum wig. Instead of putting on those usual khaki shorts, try donning wrap style skirts for men. Loud floral prints in multi color are welcome. Having a lei is imperative. Headband lei is even better! To finish this look and yet stand out impressive in a crowd, go for grass fringe leg cuffs.

This look is sure to spellbind a couple others. Feel elated when people start greeting you saying ‘Aloha’. Welcome to Hawaii my friend!


Mexican Fancy Dress

Smiffys womens Authentic Western Sexy Senorita Adult Sized Costume, Black & White, S - US Size 6-8With all this craze about Hawaii, how about teaming up a cool and funky Mexican inspired outfit? If you have a hand-knitted jumper in store, now is the right time to put it into use. If it resembles a poncho, nothing better! Do you know what sombreros are? Don’t think much, it’s only a broad-brimmed straw hat. Drop in at any tacky tourist shop and you can easily find these up for grabs. Sombreros are a crucial addition to the ensemble. If being totally feminine does not sound adventurous and impressive, then sure draw up a mustache. The look is funky, new and very bold.

Don’t dramatize your brains and think hard about spotting the weirdest and best appealing tacky tourist ideas. It’s easier than you think. Icing on the cake – shabby and messy tourist fashion crosses the gender lines. So whether you are a hunky man, a flamboyant woman or just a kid, if you’ve got some cool Hawaiian shirts, khaki shorts, long crew socks, sandals, fanny packs, sun-glass, camera, tote bag, white sneakers, binocular and floppy straw hats in store – you are more than ready to make a big hit entry.

Buying online is indeed the best option but if you are running short of time, there are second-hand thrift stores at service, offering these crucial items at dirt-cheap prices.


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