15 Duct Tape Ideas

Top 15 Tacky Duct Tape Craft Ideas

Even the cheapest of things like duct tapes can work wonders. Here is my top 15 cool duct tape craft ideas which are enlisted below for your assistance.
Travel Scrapbook Ideas

10 Travel Scrapbook Ideas That Will Ignite Your Cracking Creative Skills!

Here’s a quick list of incredible travel scrapbook ideas that’s beautiful to watch but super easy to make. Take a look to let your creative juices flow!
Tacky Tourist Ideas

Make a Grand Entry While You Suit Up Using Top Tacky Tourist Ideas!

Tacky tourist ideas are all about loud colors, inappropriate clothing fashion and big clunky accessories. Have fun when you pick a costume and don’t forget carrying that big camera, binocular and a cute attractive fanny pack.

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Purple Bedroom Decor Ideas

3 Cutting-Edge Purple Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bring in both passion and spirituality into your bedroom using Purple Bedroom Decor ideas. Find 3 different set of ideas here.

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Rainbow Sock Valentines Day

10 Tacky DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s day – a noted day for all true lovers also happens to be quite a stressful day. How to pick a unique and classy present for your sweetheart?
Crochet Braid Patterns

The World’s Easiest and Coolest 3 Crochet Braid Patterns!

Crochet braid patterns are loved by all and sundry. Think about the beautiful infinity scarves – aren't they absolute trendsetters? Check it out here.
scrapbook ideas for boyfriend

Awesome Scrapbook Ideas for Boyfriend!

Walking hand in hand with your beau for a long time now? It’s time to implement some breath-taking scrapbook ideas for boyfriend. Check out the awesome methods.

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