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The World’s Easiest and Coolest 3 Crochet Braid Patterns!


Crochet Braid Patterns

Crochet braid patterns are loved by all and sundry. Think about the beautiful infinity scarves – aren’t they absolute trendsetters?

3 Easy Methods of Making Tissue Paper Roses


Tissue Paper Roses

So, you want to go big on your near and dear ones and charm them with your craftsmanship of creating gorgeous tissue paper roses? Great idea, I think!

4 Economic Home Office Organization Ideas


Home Office Organization Ideas

Happy New Year to all Tacky Living readers! 🙂 Why do you think having proper home office organization ideas play a big-league role in real life? It is not a secret that these days there is an overwhelming increase in the number of home-based professionals. If you missed the purple bedroom decor ideas post, do check it out.

5 Boutique-Style Handmade Jewelry Ideas


Handmade Jewelry Ideas

What is your take on fashion – slipping into a pair of gorgeous designer apparel or teaming up a perfect outfit with complimentary jewelries and footwear? Well, jewelry plays a big-league role in setting new trends. So, a brain chock-full of handmade jewelry ideas can give you the edge and help you go a-la-mode as and when you like. By the way, check out the mens beaded bracelet designs here.

3 Cutting-Edge Purple Bedroom Decor Ideas


Purple Bedroom Decor Ideas

Are you planning to remodel your old bedroom? Well, let’s shift gears from the usual, dull tints of yellow and cream to vibrant and royal shades of purple because believe it or not, purple bedroom decor is the new in. It is one color that screams both passion and spirituality. Use purple in its light tint like lavender, you get the most blissful and soothing ambiance created. Go for a darker shade like plum, experience a whole new passionate retreat that is also royal.

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